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At Trim Web Design & SEO, we want you to experience transparency with our company. Whether it’s good, ok, or a little rough, your current strategies will help us build your new ones. The moment you sign up with us to manage your Kingsport, TN SEO image, our team starts to analyze your website with granular detail. Then, we pass on that understanding of your operations through a Website Audit.

Throughout the SEO Audit, our experts work through every aspect of your website (if you have one) and collaborate notes on what works and what needs improvement. The upgrades we look for are more than just website design or font issues—we’re looking at small details that search engines use to rank your website, but other Kingsport, TN SEO firms may dismiss out of hand.

With Google being one of the world’s largest conglomerates, SEO companies cannot afford to skip a small detail.  Even a simple mistake could result in major loss of position.

As we examine your website with granular detail, we look for important details including:

  • Title tags, meta tags, page copy, page title, alt attributes
  • URL structure
  • Navigation structure
  • Duplicate copy check
  • A/B & multivariate testing
  • Backlink review

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