Web Design Companies Near Me

Web Design Companies Near Me

Web Design Companies Near Me Why is it important to work with a local web designer? I am sure you have experienced it, the automated answering machine followed by, “please select one for…” Then, the long wait to finally get someone on the phone to...

SEO Success with Leinbach Services

Leinbach Services, a trusted HVAC contractor in the Tri-Cities Tennessee area, contracted Trim Web Design as a freelance web designer/developer to implement best SEO success practices to improve overall Google search results. So how do we know the level of success...

Improve SEO in 5 minutes

By implementing these five bullet points below small business websites can improve SEO rankings. Properly using H1 and H2 tags The overuse of H1 tag might leave Google bots a little confused about what your blog article is really about. So make sure you are using the...

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