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Website Hosting

Trim Web Design & SEO offers website hosting solutions that provide local small and medium sized businesses and non-profits with cost effective ways to deliver their websites. Whether your business is Johnson City, Bristol or Kingsport Tennessee, we offer an ever-growing range of website hosting options.

Why use Trim Web Design & SEO for web hosting?

Great for WordPress and other CMS development platform support

With Trim Web Design & SEO, you can use whatever CMS you like, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more.

Multiple Datacenters

Your customers can be anywhere in the world. With Trim Web Design & SEO you can have your website hosted from one of our many data centers we partner with worldwide.

Dynamically resources that grow and shrink

Website traffic can go up and down depending on the time of day, week, month or even year. From quiet times in the middle of the night, to campaign driven, social media sharing traffic spikes, Trim Web Design & SEO resources can accommodate your growing or shrinking needs.

Flexible pricing models

TWD has a wide rage of hosting services to choose from. We have no up-front costs or long term contracts. TWD web hosting has options that allow you to pay-as-you-go or a fixed monthly pricing structure.


TWD Website Solutions

Basic Website Hosting

Basic websites, for the most part, consist of a single web server using a Content Management System (CMS). CMS’s like WordPress, or an eCommerce platform, like Magento are great options to use with our website hosting services.

Basic website hosting is best for low to medium trafficked sites with multiple authors and more frequent content changes, such as marketing websites, content websites or blogs. They provide a simple starting point for website which might grow in the future. While typically low cost, these sites require IT administration of the web server and are not built to be highly available or scalable beyond a few servers.

Best for:

  • Websites built on platforms like WordPress & Magento
  • Websites that are unlikely to scale beyond 5 servers
  • Websites that need a fast response time
  • Customers who want Trim Web Design & SEO to manage all backend hosting options