Social Media Management

Social Media Management

How Can Social Media Help Your Business?

Trim Web Design & SEO has powerful strategies to manage your social media that will build links & generate traffic. Having a social media presence will increase brand loyalty and T.O.M.A (Top of mind awareness). Thus, helping boost your SEO efforts. We help small and medium sized businesses that are selling products and services in the Tri Cities or East Tennessee area.

Social Media platforms we manage

When it comes to social media, it is limitless to the platforms you can use to promote your business. We like to focus on three largest platforms for the best results. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Facebook has grown to over 500 million active users. About fifty percent of these users logon to Facebook everyday. Spending an average of 55 minutes indulging in its services. Facebook users tend to spend more online than other internet users. It is predicted, every month more than two hundred and fifty million people are engaged with Facebook via external websites. Thus, making Facebook the most popular social media platform in history.


Although Twitter isn’t as big in size as Facebook they still have a very loyal following. From our current research, via Google search, Twitter has approximately 350 million users.


Most of us think of crazy cat videos and funny pranks when YouTube comes into the conversation. However, YouTube has grow to the second largest search engine in the world.