What are SEO Keywords?

SEO keywords are used in help Google determine what your web page is about to give search engine users the best possible results.  Google bots claw web pages looking for specific SEO keywords or phrases. This allows Google to determine if the web page is relevant to the search the user as submitted.

Each page is different

Google looks at web pages not the entire website for indexing. Each page is indexed separately based upon the content or SEO keywords found on the page. Trim Web Design & SEO optimized every page for the best performing keywords and phrases.

SEO Keywords Software

Having the right tools makes all the difference. Our software gives us the best SEO keywords for each page.  Plus, we are able to view what competing companies are strategizing as well.  Giving us the edge over YOUR competition.

Knowing the Market

However, what good is the tool if you don’t know how to use it. Our team has extensive experience in optimizing web pages for SEO keywords. We accomplish this daunting task by learning about your business. Things like, Who your customers are, what area(s) does your business serve, what is your product lineup. Are just a few ways we learn more about the market your are servicing to optimize the web page accordingly.

SEO Keywords Audit

Contact us today for a FREE SEO Keywords audit. There is no obligation and you can keep the audit report at no charge. We look forward to helping you with your search engine optimization success.