Need some guidance on which way to go with a website SEO campaign? Finding a good SEO consultant can be hard. That is why Trim Web Design & SEO focus’ on building relationships not business. For all new customers the first hour is free and you get a free SEO audit, yours to keep.

Why use us as a Local SEO Consultant?

There are a ton of perks to having a local SEO consultant. Suchas, we have a better understanding of the local markets. Being from the Tri-Cities, we know the businesses in the area. Being local will give you greater access your SEO consultant. Sometimes only a face to face conversation will do.

Part of what we like to do are your local SEO consultant is educate you, connect with you and learn about your business. As you may know, this takes time. Trim Web Design & SEO wants to build a lasting partnership to see your business grow.


We know SEO can sometimes seem like black magic, it’s not. However, there is no exact formula to SEO success. What we can do is educate you on what we know that works best to give you a better understanding of what is going on.


We build relationships not business. Relationships are one of the main cornerstones for our business. Taking a little extra time to get to know each of our clients in a priorate at Trim Web Design & SEO.

Building relationships, like the one we have with Leinbach Services, is of the utmost importance to us.

Learning about Your Business

Taking the time to understand your local business is important to us. We want to know your goals, aspirations and dreams. Then, help you make and execute  a plan to get there.

Contact us today to help us learn how we can help you.