There are arguments for and against both Pay-per-click and Search Engine Optimization advertising. One side lean toward, “I need it now”, type of approach. This is where the PPC style is most appropriate. The others, lean toward, SEO. Which is a longer-term approach. The real benefit isn’t in investing all your resources into one or the other, but both.

W. T. Kritzinger and M. Weideman discovered in their research, “SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION AND PAY-PER-CLICK MARKETING STRATEGIE”, that pay-per-click, and search engine optimization have different search strategies. They suggest that pay-per-click benefits from a Fat Head key terms with less benefit from Long Tail key search terms. A Fat Head term is between two and five key words placed together to form a search query. Where-as, a Long Tail search is greater than five words linked together. An example of a Long Tailed search term would be, “How can I get better search results for my website?”. Fat Head queries are more to the point, “better search results website”. See the difference? The Fat Head focuses only on the key terms while the Long Tailed queries for a specific result.

Pay-per-click and search engine optimization can both benefit from Fat Head and Long Tailed search term optimization. However, for best results, as prescribed by Kritzinger and Weideman, Optimize Fat Head terms for PPC and Long Tailed for SEO. One may ask, “Josh, how would I do that?”. Simple, for PPC one must create an ad campaign with Google AdWords. In that campaign is where the focus on Fat Head search terms must be inserted. As for SEO, the Long Tailed key search terms must appear in your website.

Kritzinger and Weidenman mention that SEO may have better results than PPC. In the short term, SEO is going to cost more. This is one of the downsides to investing in SEO for a SEM strategy. Implementing proper SEO tactics involves choreographing strategies between website owners, content writers, website developers, topic experts, graphic designers and website designers, not to be confused with website developers. To successfully construct an SEO SEM approach one must be able to juggle between the people needed to produce such results or hire a firm, freelance consultant or marketing agency that can.