SEO has been considered a black box of advertising that no one can find or open. Companies cannot guarantee results with SEO strategies. So instead they push their customers toward PPC (Paid per click) advertising. The second downside and why companies push their client ward PPC is that SEO does cost more. However, research shows that investing in SEO can have the same results, and even better, than PPC advertising.

Let’s look at why companies do not invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The most obvious conclusion is PPC is easy and gets immediate traffic to their website. But that is just the surface. Companies don’t understand how to implement successful SEO tactics. Such tactics are not a, one size fits all. This makes it a more complex problem that companies are not willing to invest in to figure out how to solve. Instead companies go for the low hanging fruit. They budget for pay-per-click advertising and treat it like any other means of advertising. Once the budget is done, their ads stop appearing.

Now, why should companies invest in SEO advertising? Current studies suggest that 75% – 80% of click come from organic search results, only 14% – 40% click on the sponsored links. But the trick to taking advantage of SEO advertising is employing people who understand SEO or hire an SEO firm. Hiring one full time SEO expert can cost upward of $50k per year. Thus, the more obvious choice is to hire a digital marketing firm. Hire a company that specializes in SEO tactics gives the businesses or person an inside track to how SEO.