In defining the group that will benefit from understand how to use and implement SEO tactics, website design companies and any business that has a website are the majority. In this section we are going to focus on any business that has a website and markets to the general public. That is not to say that the information discussed will not be useful to others.  

The phone book is dead, TV advertising if fragmented and the paper news outlets are burning alive, for the most part, because of search engines. Companies must turn to a modern approach to reach their customers. They must formulate a plan of attack to reach their market. In this case, an SEO advertising market strategy. Formulating such a strategy is the only way they are going to directly impact how their customer are engaging with their brand. These businesses and their customers are undoubtable most affected by these changes.

Personally, I can see myself on both sides of the complex equation. Daily, I use Google to search for information, products, how-to’s, and much more.  I also am a freelance web developer.  The most frustrating thing I find about search engines is finding irrelevant information or products. Therefore, understand how SEO works is important, business must understand. As a customer, I don’t want irrelevant information. I want what I’m searching for. Thus, companies must understand how to rank their website appropriately. Allowing customers to find useful information or products.

Today’s market strategy is ambiguous. But one thing is certain, everything is a click away. Customers know this and act on it. These customers place so much value on current correct information it has changed how they live everyday life. Gone are the days of family weekend trips to the mall. Now our customers value their time too much to spend it wondering through a store searching for what they need. Their ideal situation is, looking at their phone, pulling up a web browser, searching for the intended information, and then, deciding from the information they have collected about a topic.

Like everything, search engine marketing has a down fall. Current events, such as, Googles and Facebooks Congressional Hearing has customers felling worried about their privacy. As of right now, there is no competition, so customers keep using these companies despite all the worry. But companies better understand that if a customer clicks on a link to visit a website, that website better be fast, mobile friendly, notify them if they are being track and have a secure means of making a purchase