Google is all about UX or ‘user experience’ when factoring what websites are at the top on page one. Site speed, links, content, time, duplication of content and relevance are all apart of the SEO factors Google considers when evaluating your website.

Site Speed

The speed of your website also know as, page rendering time, is an important part of the user experience and will significantly help your SEO rankings in the Tri-cities Tennessee area. To check how fast your site speed is Google’s PageSpeed tool will show how fast your website is and the changes that need to be made to make it faster.

Bad Links

In my person experience links are the most important part of a website. Internal link building allows the user to navigate through the website with ease and external links, links from other website pointing to yours, validate your website. Build as many as possible without buy linking from a ‘link farm’.

What is a bad link? This refers to the breage of links pointing to a specific page. If a web page is renamed sometimes this will change the path where the web page was saved to and will cause a 404 error, page not found. The best way to see if you have any 404 error on your website is to sign up for Google Webmaster Tools. In the console they have a page errors tool that will show if your site has moved pages.


In order for Google to know what your website is about there has to be a point of reference. Since the Google bots don’t have eyes they can’t look at pictures. Instead, they crawl each page of your website gathering information about the words therein and how they relate to one another.


Over a period of time Google is able to evaluate your website for best SEO practices. Allowing them to gather data about the content on a specific domain. If the content relevance stays the same, this will help website ranking for a specific subject.


Every web page or website that you make should be a unique as possible. If Google catch Webmaster duplicating content instead of generating authentic content your website and page will be punished severely. Google doesn’t applaud plagiarism.


Just like in conversation, it is important to stay on topic. For best SEO practice don’t add relevant content to your website. If you are a local small business retailer only put information about the product and services you offer, connection to other businesses and information about your business. Don’t make a page about the state you live in with hopes to rank above the fold for your state’s name. Not going to happen, Google won’t let it. It’s what we call irrelevant information.