Leinbach Services, a trusted HVAC contractor in the Tri-Cities Tennessee area, contracted Trim Web Design as a freelance web designer/developer to implement best SEO success practices to improve overall Google search results.

So how do we know the level of success contributed to https://heatingandairconditioningkingsporttn.com? We are able to track our success with our Google’s Webmaster tools. Everything you, as a small business owner, need to know about results for website ranking in East Tennessee can be measured with Google’s Webmaster tools.

SEO Success

There are a several methods we used to improve Leinbach Services SEO results. Some of these items listed are an ongoing project and always will be.

How did we get SEO success?

Website optimization

First,  I used Google PageSpeed to give me a starting point for what needed to be fixed. Typically, if a user is operating WordPress with many plugins, theme builders, etc. the PageSpeed score will be horrible. And depending upon the builder and theme that was chosen it might be a lengthy process to optimize the website without breaking the website builder.

To be straightforward, here I used a minification script, changed variables in WordPress to move the JavaScript to the footer, used another script to take out query strings in the url and then caching properties to help users load pages faster.

Google My business title

For best results, we would need to analyze your business and business name to make sure the two coincide. This will make it easier for your small business in Johnson City, Kingsport or Bristol Tennessee be optimized to achieve higher Google search rankings.

If you are in need of improving how Google list your business fill out the connect form on the home page for a free one hour consultation.


Structured data is becoming another necessary tool in build a successful web presence. Schema is the collaborated effort of the major search engines in the world to make it easier for crawl bots to index and sort through massive amounts of data.

How does this help us? Because we can use this codex to tell Google and all the other search engines exactly what we want them to read and understand. And if Google understands who, what and where you are writing about, they will rank you higher for the keywords in your website.


Having content is probably one of the many ranking factors in SEO. After all, if there is nothing on a website telling users what it is about, the website won’t be very informative. This is why we are seeing a trend of bloggers using over 1500 words per blog post. However, this is not a fix all with Google anymore. I am finding it is how you present your content to Google and the user.

Sometimes it is how we say the things that need to be said, not what we say. It is imperative that websites in the Tri-Cities Tennessee area adopt this mindset. Why? We could write the best content blogs in the world but if it is not aesthetically appealing to the user experience and easy to read and helpful, they will bounce off your web page like a rubber ball.

Thus, we must implement great strategies in delivering our content. I have published a great article called, Optimize your blog article content in 5 minutes. This article will give you a better understanding of how to structure a blog article properly so users can benefit from the post.

Webmaster tools

As I mentioned before, Google’s Webmaster tools are a great way for freelance web developers and small business owners to track results. However, there are tools we can use inside of Webmaster tools to help our website ranking as well.

Implementing the resources available, such as; Data Highlighter, submitting sitemap, fetch and render web page, can help our websites index and search results.

SEO success isn’t easily achieved. But through strategic planning and hard work it can be accomplished.

In closing, I hope this gives you a better idea of how Trim Web Design can help your SEO success results. Through our organic and local search results in the Tri-Cities Tennessee area through the ongoing success with Leinbach Services.