By implementing these five bullet points below small business websites can improve SEO rankings.

Properly using H1 and H2 tags

The overuse of H1 tag might leave Google bots a little confused about what your blog article is really about. So make sure you are using the H1 tag with the main title of the article only. All other points should be used with an H2 or H3 tag.

Google Keywords Planner

Another great tool we can use is Google Keywords Planner. Simply make a Google Adwords account, it is free, and type in the key word you will be using in your blog article and Google Keywords Planner will give you a list of words that need to be implemented within your article.

Blog Structure and Layout is a great tool to find what blog structure and layout works best for your website. Simply search for blog layouts.

Outbound Links

Outbound links are a critical part of writing blog articles. This is telling Google you are referencing other websites and you are not sealing information.

Using these five points will help you structure a great user experience. If you have question or need help file out the connect form on our home page for a free one hour consultation. Improve SEO results today.