We have all  dealt with large corporations and the cumbersome automated phone systems, they are NOT fun! When a small business in the Tri-Cities Tennessee area hires a freelance web designer over a corporate designer, not only do they cut down on simple stress factors they also benefit from the following:


As a freelance designer, most of the time, I reply to emails, text and phone call almost immediately. You as a small business owner do not have waist your time worrying if you will get someone on the phone that will actually understand your problem, solve it and understand your request.

Above and Beyond

Freelance designers always want you to be happy. Happy business owners not only equal more work from that client but we know by going above and beyond you are more likely to refer us to your closest business friends. So, speaking for myself, you can be sure your expectation will be met and exceeded.


Every project I start on my clients know clearly what my objectives are, how we are going to get there and an expected end date. At the end of every cycle of work I send a detailed list of things I accomplished in that specific time.

One on One

Anytime I pick up a new client I have a one on one session with them in person or via Skype. I like to hear or see the people I am working for. The experience of a real person is VERY important to me. Plus, this helps me get a better feel of your personality, goals, history and aspiration of your business. Thus, helping me to better meet your needs.

Bang for Your Buck

No doubt that hiring a freelance web designer will give you better service, attention, communication and will save you time. However, the most important is the bottom line. By choosing this path you are going to get more than what you are paying for, bar none.